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Strange redirects

Some of our users are reporting some strange redirects when surfing the web.  For example, one user reports that when he was on he clicked a link and Google opened up.  He he the back button and clicked the same link but this time he was taken to where he wanted to go.

Another user reports that he was on CNN and when he clicked a news article he was taken to Facebook.  A site he doesn't access from work.  However when he clicked the back button and clicked the link again he was taken to the correct news story.

Other users report the strange redirects and error messages such as the attached screenshots.  However if they click the back button and click on the link again they get directed to the correct page.

This is an email I received from one of our IT guys:

Another issue and this happens often, and we have to refresh a webpage several times until it opens. Often would be 5-10 times a day. Or sometimes for example if I am in hotmail and then suddenly go to Newegg, it will fill out the Newegg page with the hotmail domain; an example would be something like blabnewegg. I would change hotmail to newegg and it will display correctly. And the errors below of not finding the page or forbidden, refresh it 2 or 3 times and it will open.


I have tried flushing cache but uses still report this issue. We are running 7.1.6 and using both a PAC file at some of our sites and WCCP at others.  The issue is being reported from all sites though.

Any ideas?

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Re: Strange redirects

One important thing I will add is unfortunately we are running IE 7.   That is the only browser currently approved on our network.  However we didn't experience this issue until we implemented the webgateway.  Conflict with an outdated browser possibly?

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