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Level 7

Strange error

How to debug such incident

An internal error occured while processing your request.             

        URL Categories: Business, Software/Hardware
      Current Rule ID: 958983948400417
      Current Rule Name: Anti-Malware: Quarantine IPRange
      Error Message: (14002) Internal antivirus filter error.

Affected rule



<node id="958983948400417" string="Anti-Malware: Quarantine IPRange" duration="0" enterTime="1359026013.525" node_type="rule" />


rule 'Anti-Malware: Quarantine IPRange'



[AV] [AVError] Error in AntivirusFilter: 'Call to external Anti-Malware engine provided error: kExFuResError ('.

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Level 12

Re: Strange error

Looks like the Avira engine is having problems handling the file referenced in the mwg-core.errors.log.

Do you have a corresponding entry in the mwg-antimalware.errors log file? If so, it should have an error ID that comes from the Avira engine itself.

In Error Handler -> Default -> Block on Anti-Malware Engine errors, do you have a rule that handles Error.ID equals 14002?

You could whitelist the destination site, configure MWG to fail open for Error.ID equals 14002, ask support to verify that the download isn't infected, etc.