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Smartfilter License Expired

Hi  everyone, can someone tell me what happens when is not possible renew the  license of SmartFilter on time, I have a client with budget problems, and he thinks is no possible to renew on time.


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Re: Smartfilter License Expired


We had a server that got missed off a Licence update program recently. All that happend was that updates of the smartfilter DB stopped. The Server continued vending and filtering using the old DB though. This was with Webwasher 6.7 so your milage my vary with diffrent products. The only reason it was picked up is down to some one loggin in and noticing it was out.


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Re: Smartfilter License Expired

If the product is the stand-alone software version of SmartFilter, then the updates will stop occuring but the filtering will continue with the current database for a grace period of 28 days.

Once the grace period has expired, filtering will stop. You configuge SmartFilter to allow all traffic or deny all traffic when the database has expired.

For Webwasher, the updates will also stop, but the filtering continues with the current database without expiring.

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