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Skype group chats/calls through Web Gateway

Hi everyone!

I have a task to send all skype traffic through proxy. Configured rule set on WG to allow its traffic, configured Skype options to use proxy and everything looked fine. But then, we tried to block all traffic except traffic to/from WG and met a problem - in group chats don't work.

After a lot of hours of Google and working with McAfee support I understood that Skype ignores its own proxy settings when communicate with group chats and sends all request directly to its servers.

For now I see only one solution - allow access to skype servers, but there is another problem - to get a list of Skype servers.

Using command /dumpmsnp in any Skype chat shows which Skype gateway is used, but as I understand, list of this gateways is pretty big.

We tried to open access to one of these gateways and it helped to send/receive messages in group chats, but calls still didn't work.

Does anyone tried to solve similar problem or anything else like this? Please help.

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