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Site specific access with coaching

Hi everyone.

I am new to MWG and I have a question if anyone can help.

We have a cluster of MWG running v6.8.7 connected to AD

We have several policies linked to group membership in AD, the main one being "default"

The default policy that my user is in has a block on category "Gambling related"

This user that needs access to a specific site that is categorized as "gambling related"

Our security wants to know if we can have a coaching type block put on just that one website for all users of the default policy?

We could whitelist this URL with a directive to disable categorization, which would give access, but would not throw up the "are you sure..." warning, unless I am missing something.

Any ideas?


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Re: Site specific access with coaching


you may think about using the extended list. For example I would create a user-defined category called "Coaching Sites", and add all URLs I want to see coaching for into that category with the extended list.

In the URL Filter configuration I would - for the default policy - set the action for my new "Coaching Sites" category to "Coaching", while all other policies will be set to "Block" for this category.

This may be an option.



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