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Silverlight and Flash Streaming issue

Hi there,

I use Webgateway and my users complain about stuttering Video Streams (buffering every 3 seconds) on this website URL's using the Proxy: (all video's on this site give the same problem)


I have the exact same problem as well and i am wondering to what this could cause it because the domain has been whitelisted and other sites like youtube or vimeo works fine.

I already put Silverlight to the 'Antimalware Media Type Whitelist' but with no effect.

How can i troubleshoot this and come up with a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Silverlight and Flash Streaming issue

Since MWG 7.1.6. there is Streaming Detector filter that allows to detect streaming media and skip AV filtering, based on this detection. You can import new "Webgateway Antimalware" ruleset from Rules Library - it already includes this check. Please, also look to this discussion:

P.S. in, there are changes that improves streaming detection for some stream types, like Flash Video over RTMP, etc.

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