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Segmentation fault on liblnxfv for mwg-antimalware

It has been a couple of days now, that users sometimes get an Anti-Malware engine failure. The issue occurs on different nodes of a farm. The /var/log/messages states the following:

Mar 5 09:14:42 telmcf007rm001 kernel: [2649110.553917] mwg-antimalware[23565]: segfault at 0 ip 00000000ec714a62 sp 00000000f4052700 error 4 in[ec5ec000+56b000]

Does anybody know of a current corrupt anti-malware engine?

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McAfee Employee MSchneider
McAfee Employee
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Re: Segmentation fault on liblnxfv for mwg-antinalware


we are investigating a similar case. Please contact support, so they can collect your data and forward that to our dev teams.



Michael Schneider
Lead Product Manager for Web Protection

Re: Segmentation fault on liblnxfv for mwg-antinalware

We deactivetad the AntiMalware. We have 2 nodes, but only one display the error. Users receive the message Antimalware overloaded.

Does Mcafee has an answer for that.

Oct  1 18:58:36 MWG02 kernel: [4753421.107960] mwg-antimalware[65280]: segfault at 7ff7e66e7f98 ip 00007ff7aec24d42 sp 00007ff7e66e7fa0 error 6 in[7ff7ae947000+7d3000]

Oct  1 18:58:47 MWG02 kernel: [4753431.531003] mwg-antimalware[3573]: segfault at 7ff7deca7f98 ip 00007ff7ecee0d42 sp 00007ff7deca7fa0 error 6 in[7ff7ecc03000+7d3000]

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