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SSL termination and Skype

I would like to know if it's possible to terminate SKYPE SSL traffic with webwasher. I currently know that most certificates that skype uses are not valid, but I'm not sure if Skype uses a correct implementation of SSL.

Thanks Boris

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McAfee Employee

Re: SSL termination and Skype

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Re: SSL termination and Skype

Hi Michael,

The above link does not work anymore. Is it moved to another place?

I need to allow skype for some users through web gateway 7.1.6.

I tried many ways and it does not work.

Please advise.

Level 7

Re: SSL termination and Skype

This is how we allowed skype through the SSL scanner. Note this does open you up to some risk, as malware will use this transport also. We plan to address this later by the addition of an authorized group. Which will be added to the criteria of this rule. This was used in 7.1.6 and 7.2


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