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SSL issue with wg 5000 in transparent mode

i have a wg 5000 configured in transparent router mode, the traffic is forward from a juniper firewall via a Policy Based Routing rule, most traffic, authentication,filtering, everything seems to work however when you try to browse to an https site, it does not seem to pass the traffic, the browser just hangs. https is a selected protocol and is forwarded to the proxy.  Anyone seen this before..

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Re: SSL issue with wg 5000 in transparent mode


I have not stumbled across this issue yet in support, but it sounds strange. Most likely something is going wrong with the policy based routing. I slightly remember I had a similar issue with a different customer and version 6 in the past, where we had to have a look into the Juniper configuration.

What I found in that case was that the Juniper box was rewriting the destination IP address of those requests. MWG requires that IP address to determine where to connect to in HTTPs. However I am not sure if this is the case in this specific scenario. I would recommend to file a Service Request with support and provide us with a tcpdump, so that we can have a look at what is going on.



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Re: SSL issue with wg 5000 in transparent mode

Not sure what your setup is, but there is a solution here for HTTPS issues.

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