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SSL Scanner, exceptions & MCP

Hi all,

Using MWG

I'm trying to configure the SSL scanner in order to enable youtube application filtering when using https version of the site. There's some concern within the business about using the SSL Scanner, so i'd like to limit it only to the sites/categories that are deemed necessary (in this case streaming media). I've set criteria on the SSL scanner so it only applies when URL.Categories matches a defined list (currently only contains streaming media). This seems to work fine when explicitly defining the proxy in a browser, however devices that have the MCP seem to ignore this:


If the SSL scanner criteria is 'always' then ssl scanning works on all sites through MCP as expected. As soon as I apply the criteria, SSL scanning doesn't apply to any sites (including youtube).

I also tried to use a bypass rule within the 'Handle Connect call' ruleset, which again doesn't work with MCP:


Authentication with MCP comes directly after the SSL Scanner, but moving this above doesn't seem to make any difference.

Not quite sure what i'm doing wrong here - can anyone help?



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Re: SSL Scanner, exceptions & MCP

This might do what you want...


Has not been tested in production, nor with MCP.

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