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Rules Group base, user base, ip base


i want to create two type of rules.

i have AD groups right now i have created rule for standard user and new has blocked on standard group so if single user request me to allow that particular site and that user exist in standard and also that particular site is block so how can allow just specific user for that particular site

1. specific user base to allow some site's

2. i have one group which is full allow there will be no restriction.

kindly help me .

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McAfee Employee

Re: Rules Group base, user base, ip base

Dear Anas,

please have a look on following article:

There is a sample how group based rules can be created. In your case no need to do the user defined property mapping, just use Authentication.UserGroup combined with your List of Sites/Category/etc.

If this is not working as you expect please check out rule engine traces.



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