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Rule to Send Email when user accesses a URL

hi all,

I am trying to configure a new rules in the web gateway that will block a list of sites and also send an email to administrators if users access the URLs in the list. I have the email part working but the body does not include any useful information such as user, URL clicked on etc.

For the Event i have configured the Email.Send event.

I have created a User-Defined. Property and included the following information:


I have then used the User-Defined property created above for the body of the Email.Send Event. It looks like this Email.Send (emailaddreww@someemail, "Subject text", User.Defined.Alert)

The email does not generate when i set it to above properties. If i just include text for the body of the email then that works. Can anyone advise how i can include in the body of the email that is generated some useful information?

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Re: Rule to Send Email when user accesses a URL

It looks like you are populating the user defined property incorrectly.  The initial string value for the property is just that, a string.  You need to use an event to "Set Property Value", and have it set the value for the user defined property.  In that way you can create it as a concatenation of both strings and parameter properties.  Based on what you have, I think yours should look something like this:

set property.png

Once created that way, the Email.Send will have the right data to put into the body (make sure you reference the correct user-defined property).

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