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Rule sets created with "stop cycle" cannot access GAM

Hi Friends,


Client requirement was,  there should be individual AD group policies with assigned respective websites and categories as given below.

1.full access.

2.manager access.

3.stock traders access

5. mail access.

6. cloud network storage access etc.

7.General policy

users will be assinged to multiple group access as per requirement like, General policy + Mail Access or General access + youtube Access + stock traders policy, etc.

The individual rules are created with "stop cycle" action because the "stop ruleset" did not worked.

Now the issue is, the GAM rule is not at all working. please suggest shall i move the same to at the top of the "url filtering" rule to execute? will it work as expected as it is also integrated with TIE?

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Re: Rule sets created with "stop cycle" cannot access GAM



Stop cycle is a not so good idea for criteries in the request mode, if you want to filter the suggestion is to create a ruleset with a block action on the bottom. all rules befoere if they match the group membership and category wil have action stop ruleset. So if it will match any of the combination group-category it will continue to evaluate the policy. in any other case it will block the request.


Re: Rule sets created with "stop cycle" cannot access GAM


When you use the "Stop Cycle" Action the Request/Response will not go further in the rule set but instantly stop.
So if you hit the Stop Cycle before you are applying the GAM then the Request/Response will never go through the GAM.
The following article might give you a good insight about Cycles/Actions and so:
Web Gateway: Understanding the Rule Engine and Optimizing your Rules

What it exactly happens when you use "Stop Rule Set"? What exactly does not work anymore?
There are a lot of scenarios in which you can/want to use the "Stop Cycle" but when you need to make sure that rules further down in the policy are still applied you need to work with "Stop Rule Set" instead.

If you could give us some more insights about how you tried to set up your rule, what happened and so on we should be able to get it running with the "Stop Rule Set" criteria in order to apply the GAM as well.


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