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Rule based on PC Hostname

Hello, we have some computers that are dedicated for Children's use and want to allow a Children's URL Whitelist if the Hostname is one of our Children's computers.

Our Web Gateway isn't currently joined to our domain so we are thinking we probably need to join it to our domain in order for the Web Gateway to be able to determine the hostname of the computer requesting the website.

If we join the Web Gateway to the domain, are there any problems we can expect with our existing rulesets? Are there any disadvantages at all to joining the Web Gateway to our AD domain?

Also, I have read several posts on the forums about creating an external list with LDAP as the data source. Could someone give me the steps to creating an external list? I assume it's in the Policy>Lists section, but I don't see how you creae a new list and have an option to select your data source.


John Utley

Metropolitan Library System

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Re: Rule based on PC Hostname

Hi John,

A good way to get hostnames is by doing a reverse dns lookup if your MWG is configured to use your internal DNS. The criteria is DNS.Lookup.Reverse in combination with the Parameter Propery = Client.IP. You can then build a list with the hostnames for your rule. I suggest doing a test lookup from the command line so that you see the format the hostnames should be in your list: nslookup x.x.x.x

External Lists are found under Policy > Settings > Engines > External Lists.


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