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Level 7

Rule Tracing

How do I go about enabling Rule tracing on MWG7? I need to test and verify some rules and I want to be able to find out where they get blocked, etc


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Level 7

Re: Rule Tracing

I've had the best luck with either editing the log handler or creating your own, maybe limited to your IP address, and adding the lines Rules.CurrentRule.Name and Rules.CurrentRule.ID. Then I also added a rule set at the end of my policy that allows anything and named it "Valid Internet Traffic" so everything that passes the other rules gets logged as "Valid Internet Traffic". If anyone has a better method I'd love to hear it as well.

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Level 13

Re: Rule Tracing

Erik gave me this tip a while ago

One thing I like to do is put some  properties into comments on the main block schema page. This is useful  for debugging. When a block page is displayed, you can view the source  and see valuable information. Some of the properties I like to include  are:

(Stick this at the end of the index.html use the add property button to insert the $Property$)


Rule Name: $Rules.CurrentRule.Name$

User: $Authentication.UserName$

Groups: $Authentication.Attributes$


just a helpful hint...

Here it is in practice


Thanks again Erik!

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