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Rule Tracing Central is Empty for MWG Director



Actually, I have 2 appliances in escenary Proxy HA.  My question is: Why don't see nothing in Rule Tracing Central (EMPTY) of my MWG Director.

mcafeegw1: X.X.X.1 (Director)  .....Priority 99

mcafeegw1: X.X.X.2   .....Priority 89

IP virtual: X.X.X.3 (IP addr into user browser)

In my 2nd appliance slave all is OK. In this 2nd appliance see traffic in 2Rule Tracing Central", but I want see logs in the "rule tracing central" of my MWG Director.


Please, I need a solution. Thank so much.!



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Re: Rule Tracing Central is Empty for MWG Director

Hi Pedro,

you will always see the traffic in the rule tracing central only on that appliance where the traffic is actually going through.
Means, if your clients traffic is handled by the second node, then you will see traffic only when the second node is selected.
In order to see traffic on the director node you would need to have/find a client that is being handled by the director.

Keep in mind that due to the ip stickyness the client will most likely only be handled by one web gateway hence you will only see traffic of one client on one web gateway, not both on the same time.

Hope this helps.



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