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Releasing a single video on youtube

MWG is configured to block allyoutube.

But I have to release only a specific video, I have tried the video url (, did not work, only works when I do the release of dominos and

Looking in the "rule central trace" I see that it starts to block domain and appears to lock the screen.

Someone help?

bloqueios que impedem o carregamento.pngliberação de URL ok.pngpagina de bloqueio.pngurl liberada.png

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Re: Releasing a single video on youtube


perhaps you take a look at the Youtube ruleset in the Online ruleset library. You can block the uploader of this video. Perhaps this helps.


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Re: Releasing a single video on youtube

Thanks for your help Troja.

All youtube is already blocked it is necessary to allow access only to a specific video and I can not release the video without releasing the and

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