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Level 9

RedirectURL Issue

When we try to get to this URL

We get Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage or

Cannot Connect

The Proxy received an invalid reponse


Here where the users are starting from.

then they are the big PIERS Icon.

How do i get the redirect to work thru the web gateway?

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Level 17

Re: RedirectURL Issue


the web application behind the PIERS icon does not appear to be working very well to me. When I access without MWG it takes approx. 2 minutes and then I see an error message thrown by the application that states that something went wrong. Because it takes so long until the error message occurs MWG will close the connection and send back an error message to the browser.

Is the web site working as expected without MWG? I would assume that - even if it works - it will take a while until the first response comes back? You could modify the timeout for this connection with the Enable Workaround events to avoid MWG closing the connection, but in case you see the same results that I see you will end up with an error message from the application after you added the workaround.

I would recommend to try without MWG first. If you see the website slow but working, add an event to increase the timeout. If you see an error message after a while, I would not change the MWG config to allow users seeing a non-working application, but would talk to the web site operator.

Even if it is slow but working I would contact them. There are some web applications on the internet that take a while until they present the content you desired, but a *good* application would give the browser a "please wait..." and present some data, which would prevent MWG from timing out. A *bad* application will just send nothing while working in the background.

This is not an MWG related problem, but all web proxies with similar timeouts will see a similar behaviour. It works in the browser because the browser has a much longer timeout.



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