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Real World Performance

I realize that performance is very subjective and there are many factors that come into play, but interested in hearing about others' real world experiences.

Looking for data on peak concurrent Active Proxy Connections and Client Connections and CPU usage + info about configuration in terms of what functions are enabled: SSL Scanning? Web Content Filter? Anti-malware?

Specifically for 5500s.

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Level 12

Re: Real World Performance

I've got a site with a pair of 5500's and about 1000 hosts behind em and about 650 humans at that location.   CPU's run quite cool even with ssl scanning+content filter+anti-malware on but load average has been an issue on one of them for the first time ever this week.  Working with support on it but seems to involve something to do with caching, as if caching is turned off, the issue disappears entirely.  

Tell me where i can find the metrics you seek in the interface  i can find the metrics you seek, and I'll  share.

I'm WAY happier with this pair of MWG's than I was with the piece of junk Bluecoat 510-20's (+ pair of AV510's)  they're replacing.

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