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Quota archive fields interpretation

Hello there,

Is anybody able to provide an explanation of the comma separated values contained in each record of the quota.db?

We are going to deploy quotas to our organisation (it is currently configured for test users belonging to a particular active directory group only). When someone exceeds a volume quota (day, week or month), a blocking page will be displayed, where the user is able to decide to push a button and activate a time session with limited bandwidth, to keep on browsing anyway but with reduced resources; we also created a summary page for every user to check its current consumption. What we need now is a daily report to inform about the number of users who exceeded their quota.

From each node of the same runtime group we are able to extract the quota situation (/usr/bin/sqlite3 -line /opt/mwg/plugin/data/quota/quotas.db 'SELECT userConfig FROM userTable;'); here is what we get: userConfig = 1463409193#-120|v,0,0,0,0,1432343,154387102,113750908,0,0.

If we knew the meaning of the most relevan fields, we could crontab a script to extract the current status, isolate the relevant fields, count the records where the value exceeds the quota and transfer the results somewhere.

Up to now it would appear that v is for volume quota, c is for coaching quota, and that the three values (third, fourth and fifth from the right) indicate the current user situation, but which value corresponds to what parameter (day, week, month)?

Thank you and best regards,


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