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Level 7

Questions on WildCard Expressions

Question 1:   I am experiencing a problem with the url- and would dearly like to include in a whitelist.

I can not use as I only want to include the specific url. I have tried the following expressions:

with no success..  Does anyone have suggestions

Question 2:     Is there a source that can be viewed of examples for Glob and Regex Wildcard Examples. There are some basic examples provided on the online help on WG7 that are helpful, but am wanting more complex examples.

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Level 15

Re: Questions on WildCard Expressions

URL matches http://** should work.

The Test button should help when you are trying to match expressions. it would should your what matches and what doesn't.

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Level 17

Re: Questions on WildCard Expressions


maybe you want to look at those links:

"The 30 Minute RegEx Tutorial":

"Expresso Regular Expression Wizard":

Please note: Both links are straight from Google, I have not reviewed them in detail - I thought they may be helpful anyway.



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Level 12

Re: Questions on WildCard Expressions

That may not be the site you need to whitelist.  It looks like it is forwarding to another site??

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