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Python script to check the integrity of lists


I would like to make a script to check the integrity of the list used in rules.

For example list should contain only domains but are updated with full urls .

I would like the script to check and print all the entries which should be deleted.

I am a newbie in scripting.

Would you please advise if this is possible and would you please share some posts or documents which will be usefull for me to read and have a better understanding ?


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Re: Python script to check the integrity of lists


I would also appreciate if possible to share documentation for rest and mwg.





Re: Python script to check the integrity of lists



When i m trying from browser or using curl im geting this error : Authentication needed

curl -k -U  user:pass  "https://proxy:4712/Konfigurator/REST/list"

I checked the rights of the user, it has : list accessible and list creation.

Would you please advise why i m getting the error ?


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