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Reliable Contributor asabban
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Re: Public IP not getting blocked

Yes, the URL is categorized as "Governmental", the IP address is not categorized at all, so likely the same issue as described before.



Reliable Contributor haaris
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Re: Public IP not getting blocked


But for other url like, etc if we access via IP its blocked but not for this IP.Is it like that this IP is not categorized but the IPs of other URL are categorized??Does mwg also categorized the IPs of other URLs??

If IP is not categorized then how should we block those kind of IPs.

Reliable Contributor asabban
Reliable Contributor
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Re: Public IP not getting blocked

IP addresses can be catregorized just like URLs. So most likely the public IP addresses you access for, etc. are known and categorized. Other IP addresses might not be categorized.

As mentioned in one of my earlier post there is one problem with categorizing IP addresses:

If you access a web site by IP address you MIGHT see the correct web site (if there is only this single web site hosted on that IP address). But it is possible to host hundrets of web sites on a single IP address, or the IP address is used as a load balancing IP address which points to a different web site every now and then, so categorization of IP addresses is sometimes not possible.

If you browse to an IP address and see the expected web site you can report the IP address using the Trusted Source portal, so a review can be performed. But for your initial example you did not see the web site but an error message of the site owner telling you that accessing the IP address will now lead you to the expected web site - this is a case where multiple sites are hosted on that IP address, so accessing via IP does not show up the expected site, so we cannot categorize it accordingly.

We have a property that is true when the requested URL is an IP address. So you could  make a rule like this to prevent access to uncategorized IP addresses, if that is helpful:

2016-06-27 08_57_04-McAfee _ Web Gateway - MWG7-2 -



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