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Proxy traffic from Macintosh

We will occasionally see issues where a few of our Macs (Lion) will stop sending traffic to the proxy, and try and go out direct to our firewall.

We have tried to set the OS proxy setting to the VIP of the proxy vs the PAC file, and that did not work. We have also tried to set up the IP of the proxy direct in both Opera and Firefox, but that does not seem to work either.

Has anyone else had issues with getting Mac's to behave with a proxy server ?

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Re: Proxy traffic from Macintosh

I dont recall the details now, but yes, I've been down this path with some of these special egg people who just had to have macs.  They aren't even creative types... these somehow got in here as "unix workstations" when Sun stopped selling desktop class Sparcs.    Oy.    I digress.

I don't recall having that problem with them, however, in order to get them to update and be able to pull down their updates from apple, I had to whitelist way more than I wanted to  on them.   They were indeed a pain.

Makes me wonder if any Mac friendly support engineer has crafted a FAQ or best practice on Mac management. 

It's entirely plausible to me that  perhaps if the mac can't get to a given appley site without getting concerned with ssl interception or the like that it might try taking matters into its own hands and start trying to ignore the proxy settings trying to phone home.  

What version of MWG are you on?

on 11/1/13 10:57:02 PM CDT
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