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Problems with hosting proxy.pac

Trying to host the prox.pac on the WG7.  We've placed the file on the file system and can get to the file by pasting into the browser.  So far so good.  But when we set the browser up to point the to URL, it never seems to read the file and no traffic hits the WG box.

For a bit of history, we have MWG6 already deployed and using a proxy.pac hosted on that platform.  We've simply modified the proxy.pac to update it with the ip address information of the new MWG7 deployment.  And in the browsers, we are using the same settings with the updated URL.

Is there any way to figure out what the heck if happening?  We've tested with IE9 and FF 10.

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Re: Problems with hosting proxy.pac


it would be interesting to know if the browser is able to pick up the proxy.pac. So I would pick a test machine, install Wireshark on it, start a packet capture, launch the browser and access You should see how the browser talks to MWG and loads the proxy.pac. You should also see the response. If you see the proxy.pac being sent to the browser, maybe there is a syntax error somewhere and the browser will not use it.

If the browser cannot load the proxy.pac from MWG, we would need to find out why.

Maybe you can create a capture and share it?



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Re: Problems with hosting proxy.pac

A more straightforward way to check if proxy.pac is configured properly (using the parameters in the original post) is:

1. open a shell (on unix) or a command window (on windows)

2. execute these commands:

telnet 4713

GET /files/proxy.pac

3. Hit ENTER twice after the GET command.  If you see your proxy.pac contents fly by, then you're pointing to the right place, and is properly serving up the proxy.pac.

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Re: Problems with hosting proxy.pac

FileInsight is a nice tool that can look at the raw data from a URL.

It's used for many other things, like webpage malware research, but I use it for the purpose you describe, as well.


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