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Problem with Volume Quota

I have noticed after upgrading the MWG system to 7.1.6, that the Volume Quota system is no longer working but the Coaching Quota system is.

Interestingly the associated QUOTA.DB file is having the Coaching details updated, but the Volume component is all 0's.

This is both the case for ( cluster system with 3 appliances ) and (single appliance). All was working correctly with 7.1.0.x version.

Has any one experienced similar problems ?

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Level 7

Re: Problem with Volume Quota

Hi, I too am having quota problems, but different. (

Timed session needs to be zero in Settings - Volume Quota, unless you run timed sessions that produce a coaching page every x minutes.

I am getting quota counting everything, unable to bypass the counting for internal/unmetered pages.

Any tips on what or where to bypass to prevent the counting?


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