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Problem with Java in the Firefox add-on

Hello, I would like someone to help me with some problems.

1) There is an application that is running with Java Plugin, I mean that I have to download the Java and to enable the plugin in Firefox, the problem is that, he runs the first time, but then stops working, this is not I get no error just think that not allowing MWG not run the add JAVA.

2) The second thing is that when I want to enter the MWG by explorer from a PC I get an error.

I'm using Firefox 19 and 22, the Java 7 Update 11 and the latest version of Java.

Thank you in

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Re: Problem with Java in the Firefox add-on

Moved from General Discussion in the Consumer section to Web Gateway in the Business section for attention.

There is an identical question in this section from someone which was posted in September 2012.

See for the resolution to that person's Java problem.

As for Firefox, you may perhaps need to ask for additional help in one of the Mozilla forums.

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