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Problem communicating with ICAP server

We have a user with a valid Windows account that cannot acces Internet across the proxy.  For every site, he received an ICAP error that should translate like :

Webwasher has receives an ICAP error while communicating with an ICAP server.

This user is member of 608 groups, the ASCII version of the group list is 18 KB.

Can it be realed to this?  Any way to increase the group size limit?

PS: This user, until last week was able to use the proxy without problem.  So far, this is the only reported case

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McAfee Employee

Re: Probel communicating with ICAP server


That's quite a bit of group memberships, to increase the allowed header size (which this is most likley violating) this can be done under Proxies > HTTP Proxy > Settings > Maximum header length.

The reason this could be occurring is if he is apart of soooo many groups, the proxy will pass a large request to the ICAP server for filtering, and if it is larger than the 'Maximum header length' then it will result in an ICAP error.

If you did ICAP traces for the user this would show how large the X-Authenticated-Group header is.


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Re: Problem communicating with ICAP server

Yes, it look like that.  We have a team that is streamlining all group membership and structure.  I will know tomorrow what is the story for this account.

Thank you

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