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Possible RFC Discussion, 309 Trickling Redirect

I don't know if anyone's ever suggested such a thing, but it's obvious that no one's ever implemented it--as I'm looking at yet another 100MB download that says it's going to take 12 hours.

I have this idea that a proxy doing trickling could, with a built-in delay of six seconds or such (configurable), return a status code of "309 Tricking Redirect" that includes the usual coded redirect URL and a header in the form "Trickling-Progress: 10kB, 1%" or such. 

I think the coded redirect URL would have to continuously change, with a count, to avoid the browser detecting a redirect loop, but it might not matter if browsers were actually compatible with this, though compatibility could easily be detected by user-agent string.

It would be up to the browser designers to decide exactly how this would appear to the user, but I think it should be suggested that the progress update show "trickling..." (parenthetically or such) in the progress display.

I've had other ideas along these lines (none of which I can remember at this time), so there might be better ways to do this.  But if any of you have ever had to explain trickling to users, I expect you can see the motivation.

So, I thought I'd open the idea to discussion to see if it's worthy of an MWG feature request and subsequent pursuit of an RFC proper.


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Re: Possible RFC Discussion, 309 Trickling Redirect

I wrote some JS to do exactly this. It has a nice little GUI that shows file speed, and when the file is done, starts downloading it automatically. The values are passed by the web gateway to the page continuously, so using those we can do the math and figure out the information for ourselves. I am still working out some kinks, and will probably end up redoing the JavaScript shortly, but it does work most of the time.

I will provide the files, but with a warning. The attached files are in development. It generally works, but sometimes does not. I do not suggest you put them directly into production, and I am not responsible for anything resulting from the use of these files.


The page uses the following JavaScript library, which also requires JQuery

GitHub - lepoetemaudit/percentageloader: jQuery plugin for displaying an animated percentage loader

I am also using Bootstrap and Jquery for formatting of the pages:

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Re: Possible RFC Discussion, 309 Trickling Redirect

I should have mentioned that we also have a progress page.  Trickling is for non-human down loaders, but humans often encounter it too.

Anyway, that's a gorgeous progress dial.  I may try to sell it to the uppers here.

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