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Policy Assignment Rulesets issues

Hi guys,

I have followed Jon scholten tutorial as exactly written by him but in the end it failed.

This is real case scenario..

There are 2 groups , authenticated with NTLM.

1st Policy assignment: General  (Events: equal to General)

2nd Policy assignment: Internet (Events; equal to Internet)

3rd Default policy assignment (if not authenticated or not belongs to any group, it will go to default policy)

URL Filtering:

General (User-defined.policy: General) .. whitelist :

Internet (User-defined.policy: Internet)....  blocklist:

Default (default policy)

User from General policy by right can access because the policy says it is on whitelist but when User from Internet policy try to access to, it does not go to blocklist of Internet policy. But it went through General policy.

When I checked AD, both users are not duplicated.. Which means they are all separated.

What I did in the group policy assignment is selecting groups: General for General and Internet for Internet.

What I wanted to do is very simple.. Whenever policy assignment is created for specific department it will go to that policy that is tied to it.  When performing rule tracing, it seems that it will go to the first ruleset (General url filtering) and it didnt go to the second one ( Internet url filtering)

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