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Pinterest issues


We have webgateway 7.7 installed on our end, as well as ePO. Tried to put pinterest to the category with quota, but we are still observing high bandwith for it. All Social Networking sites are on that quota category, but pinterest is categorized as a blog/wiki as well and we cannot add all blog/wiki on the rule.

Any suggestions? I have asked '' to re-categorize it to just Social Networking.


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McAfee Employee aloksard
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Re: Pinterest issues


Hope you are doing well.

The URL is correctly categorized in the list as “Blogs/Wiki and Social Networking” according to our Trusted Source category definitions. You can verify the terms here .


We have an application signature named  Pinterest App  which maybe you can use  with criteria Application.Name  or maybe use criteria URL.Host matches **



Alok Sarda

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