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Outlook Web Access problems


we are experiencing quite a few problems with user trying to access external Outlok Web Access servers (Exchange web mail). Using MWG 6.8. We're not qute sure where to start. Users are seeing all sorts of strange behavior. For example, when they log into their OWA, the folder hirarchy on the left is visible, but the email list on the right ist not. Instead they are seeing "you are not authorized to view this". And we can see block result 81 in the logs.

There are quite a few other problems, and before I start and go into the specifics, I would like to ask around here about your experience with OWA over MWG. Are there any special guidelines, things that should be done in order to properly access OWA?



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McAfee Employee

Re: Outlook Web Access problems


81 comes from the "Authorized only" block page and  means "Authorization failed" - exactly what you are seeing. I suspect an issue with groups, due to some authentication being broken by OWA.

I just quickly tested it with NTLM using the user DB and it works. I get all objects delivered. Are you using SSL Scanner?



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Re: Outlook Web Access problems

ONe more thing to check. If you are using a PAC file to ditribute the load over several Gateways, then you might authenticate on one, but a different part of the page may go via a seperate Gateway.

Try pointing to one gateway and see if that works.

We had this issue and I had to change the pac file to point the URL to one pair of gateways.



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