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Outlook (Web Access) problem

Has anyone experienced the following problem ?

3rd Party User logs into their email (outlook webversion) over the Internet.

They authenticate OK but when the page loads, instead of the browser showing Folders in the left pane, and emails in the right hand pane, they get a split screen with the outlook logo in each side.

Running Web Gateway appliance V 6.8.6 build 6257.

Nothing showing in the logs to say anything being blocked.

I have whitelisted so far from :

Media Type Filter

Generic Body Filter

URL Category Actions

ActiveX Controls

Proactive Scanning

Generic Header Filter



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Re: Outlook (Web Access) problem

I found the issue...

We are using the SHARP super proxy script to balance the load.

This seems to be one of the sites that will not tolerate requests from the same User coming from multiple IP addresses.

There is a section you can add URLs to and make them go to a particular proxy (with failover)



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