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Old log sources in Web Reporter


Way back when I was testing Web Reporter I added some log sources to try some things out.  Sicne then I have been able to remvoe these log sources from the the Log Sources page however when ever I create a filter and use the log source option it still lists these old log sources, even though the data for these would now be long gone from my SQL DB due to the rollups etc.

How can I get rid of these so they just stop showing up as they are a bit of a nuisance.  Everytime a new perosn comes along who is allowed to run reports constantly asks me about them and its driving me mad having to explain it over and over.


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Re: Old log sources in Web Reporter

Unfortunately, you cannot.  They still appear in the filters list because there may be data in the database for them, even after you delete the log source from the configuration.  And there is not synchronization to completely remove the reference if the data was removed from the reporting database.

This is true for any values stored in the configuration,  IP addresses, user names, directory sources, categories, etc.  Once they are there, they are there forever.

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