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Non RFC Compliance (http)

Hi Guys,

I have a deployment with Proxy+WCCP running on version

Due some external websites have built their web pages  and are not fully rfc compliant, the WebGateway is not capable to proceess the request and a message the webpage cannot be displayed.

The only way to provide a solution  is to exlcude from wccp the external website,  because if you try to add the website to the global whitelist does not solve the issue.

Is there any other way / (workarround) that MWG can be able to identify if the request/response is not http rfc compliant, just leave the traffic flow? how can I deal with this kind of situations?



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Re: Non RFC Compliance (http)

The only other suggestion i can make is to try and use the Enable Tunnel event on that site.


This may or may not work, but you can try.

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Re: Non RFC Compliance (http)


an example and the description of the observed behavoir would be helpful. Maybe there is a work around in a later version of MWG.



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