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New method to get Office365 addresses

In October MS will remove their XML file and support document which contain all MS Locud relevant FQn and IPs.

How will MC handle it? Will the existing lists continue to be made available? Will there be a ruleset that queries the REST interface with JSON?

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Re: New method to get Office365 addresses

Hi Frank,

I can remember that I already talked with @asabban about this a few months back; but shame on me - I forgot if and how the microsoft lists will be served in the future.

Just mentioned him in this post so that he hopefully gets a notification to feed us with, if already available,  some information 🙂

McAfee Employee aloksard
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Re: New method to get Office365 addresses

Hi ,

Hope you are doing well.

Yes, but this is not yet rolled out to production and they recommend to stick with the XML lists for the moment. When they change to production we will adopt our lists.

So when they change their method to provide these lists we will also adopt that one accordingly.


Alok Sarda

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