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New log source not showing in reporting

I cleaned up our log rid of 2 old servers and added a new one.  In the log source tasks, it is successfully importing the logs from the gateway.

I have a dashboard graph that shows me the amount of traffic each log source is seeing.  It is not showing the new log source.  When I try to run an ad-hoc report, I add the log source filter and click the ellipses...the list of log sources isn't updating.  It still shows the 2 old ones I removed and is not showing the new one.

Are there any places I can look manually to see what is going on?  Any tips for troubleshooting?  I've restarted the server (epo) but not the CSR or CSR SQL boxes.  Thank you.

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Re: New log source not showing in reporting

I came to look if I got responses and I realize I put this in the wrong forum; it should go into the ePO forum.  Can someone move it or should I just create a new post there?

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