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New Comprehensive Ruleset including URL, Application and Coaching

Has any thought been given to providing something like this out of the box?  I've been toying with trying to develop one but it's a bit over my head and very time consuming.  Struggling with if you allow an application then having the option of URL filtering or not. Or if you deny a URL category but allow a site that coaching could come into play.  Etc, etc...

Just seems like a single ruleset incorporating them all would be super useful.  Especially for us as we have rulesets mapped to AD Groups, which means multiple rulesets.

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Re: New Comprehensive Ruleset including URL, Application and Coaching

Yep. That's what the PreConfig I maintain pretty much does.

I try to prebuild as many useful examples as i can as generically as possible for re-use.

At the very least, it gives a starting template to build from and examples of how some features are implemented.

I'll have a new once coming out for 7.4.1 soon. I'll let you know where you can pick it up.

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