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Navigation Issues, using Webgateway Cluster as a Proxy

Hello guys,

I've been facing some issues with my Webgateway, which has been working as a Cluster (Appliance + Virtual) in Proxy Mode. Some of my users but not all of them are facing navigation problems, all of them are located on a same branch office, but no issues have been presented at Main Office. All users are going thorugh the same Webgateway Cluster.

I've already openned a service request with Tech Support and I sent them the tcpdumps and wireshark trace generated from this event but without any succeed on get a response for my case.

I had to configure IP Address from my Appliance and Virtual Webgateway on the proxy browser configuration in order to let them navigate to Internet.

So kindly I request your help and experience to find a solution for this issue.

Thanks in advance,

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