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NTLM account lockouts

We are facing issue of NTLM account lockout issue.

We have sent badpassword.log in log handler but we can't find the exact reason.

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McAfee Employee fdurur
McAfee Employee
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Re: NTLM account lockouts


what is your logfile showing?  I think you refer to:    is that right?

Possible reason:

User sents invalid credentials too many times in a row.

Did you check this via a tcpdump? (UI > troubleshooting > packet tracing > parameters: -s 0 -i any > reproduce the problem)

You may also check:


Re: NTLM account lockouts


I unable to find the why getting lock out issue again & again also I have follow the above document but unable to find exact issue.

So request you to kindly let us know can we create logs file for one user for badpassword.

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