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NTLM Agent issue

We run McAfee WebGateway 7.3.1 (14554).

We have an NTLM agent installed on one of our servers (version

Our webgateway has a policy that authenticates users that come from the IP address from the Citrix server.

This works fine when a user connects for the first time. integrated authentication is used and the user is allowed to browse the internet.

A log line is written and there's no issue.

After a while users start to see authentication popups for our proxy server. Integrated authentication doesn't seem to work anymore.

When entering the credentials in the popup, users can browse the internet again.

What could be causing this issue?

Where's the logging for the NTLM agent?

There seem to be little options for debugging.

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Re: NTLM Agent issue

Citrix users share the same IP address. Please check that NTLM cache is not enabled in the authentication configuration you are using for Citrix servers.

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