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Multiple language in Webgateway 7

In switzerland we speak at least 3 languages and I found very helpfull the language pack in Webwasher 6.x and also the language pack designer. Do we have something like this in version 7 ? How do I update all files ?

Thanks Boris

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Re: Multiple language in Webgateway 7

There is no Language Pack Designer for version 7, but there is a small built-in editor that lets you change pages directly in the GUI.

Version 7 has a slightly different method of editting the pages. There is an outer Schema that defines the style and structure, and inner Templates that contain the message themselves.

AND there are far fewer pages to edit. Typically, there are only 3-4 pages that the users would normally see, the rest are usually errors that would rarely come up unless there was a problem.

You can also create different "sets" of languages based on the browser's detected locale. In MWG6, did you put all 3 languages on 1 page, or did you create 3 sets of pages depending on the browser's locale?

I will probably not write the designer for version 7 because there is no easy way to import/export pages for editting.

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Re: Multiple language in Webgateway 7

I wish you would. That thing is darn handy.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Multiple language in Webgateway 7

Ciao Boris,

so the language packs aren't there, simply because we had no time prior to release to get them in. We are working on making the localization of error pages easier. Stay tuned - if you want to know more, you have my address.



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