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Modify Host is Not Resolveable Page

I am looking for some assistance in the community.  I would like to modify the page that is presented back to a user when a site is not resolveable as the current page apparently looks too close to the block page.  I get many emails asking for access to such sites when in fact the site does not exist.  I have looked through the config and I have modified the pages for other requirements so I know where to look but I can't seem to find the one that ties to the host not resolveable page.  I am running 7.3.


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McAfee Employee

Re: Modify Host is Not Resolveable Page

Hi Hudsy,

The one in question you are looking for it "Not resolvable" template.

These can be found in the template editor, they may be prefaced with "Proxy: ":

    Bad Gateway

    Bad Request

    Cannot Connect

    Conflicting Content Length

    File not found

    FTP Directory

    FTP File Created

    FTP Server Error

    Handshake Failed

    Inconsistent Certificate

    Infinite Proxy Loop

    Method Not Implemented

    Not Resolvable

    Rule Engine Error


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Re: Modify Host is Not Resolveable Page

Here is a whole new schema that might help you out.

Add a new schema collection.


OK & Edit.

Import the attached file:


Say "Yes to all".

Change the proxy messages to this schema:


Now your system block pages look like this:


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Re: Modify Host is Not Resolveable Page

Thanks for the assistance.  It completely slipped my mind as to how to go about editing the pages.

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