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Mcafee client proxy Configuration Help!!

Hi All,

We have deployed the MWG demo appliance with ver 7.3 on it at one of our customer & customer wants to evaluate the mcafee client proxy for roaming users as well. I am unable to find any document regarding the deployment or installation guide for this requirement?

can some one provide me the detail information on the following requirement.

We have done the following till now:

1) MCP client package cheked in in EPO.

2) Created the MCP policy & deployed on few laptops.


3) I want to know what port should be used for client server communication with MCP? (9090 which is the default port for MWG) or a diffrent one?

4) What are the pre-requisites for MCP in the customers network like (Public IP should be NATed with MWG or EPO?

5) What ports should be only opened on firewall for MCP in roaming mode? (this communication should be bi-directional OR uni-directional)?

6) Can we apply the same corporate domain group policies to the users while roaming?

7) And how do we configure the policy if roaming user logs in as a local admin? where shoudl this policy be placed in MWG Rule sets?

8) Does the MCP client caches the group policies when in corporate network? or everytime the request comes in to corporate N/W to check for the policy?

I guess these are to many queries, but wold really appreciate if answered by some one ASAP.

With Regards,


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Re: Mcafee client proxy Configuration Help!!

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