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Mcafee Web Gateway not logging google searches

HI There, 

My Gateway is not logging google image search url's all we seem to get is "" listed on the gateway. is there a way to drill down to the full URLS'

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Re: Mcafee Web Gateway not logging google searches


Can you see the full URL (including the path) for other sites than google?
I would assume that ssl scanning is either not enabled at all or at least bypassed for, hence web gateway does not see the full path and cannot log it.


Re: Mcafee Web Gateway not logging google searches

Since google is alway tls encrypted you need to intercept the traffic to get the full url in the logfile. 

McAfee Employee aloksard
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Re: Mcafee Web Gateway not logging google searches


Hope you are doing well.

For HTTPS requests, only the Host ( is transmitted in clear text. The full URL is encrypted inside the SSL Tunnel.

Can you check if SSL Scanner is enabled and inspection is being done for this traffic?


When working without SSL scanner you will need to keep the following things in mind;

      • After the “CONNECT” occurs, the data will be encrypted.
      • The “CONNECT” only contains destination host and not the full URL (and very few other headers that can be read).


You can also refer below link to more information on this process:-



Alok Sarda


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