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McAfee webgateway logs


I want to trace a particular IP (destination) in webgateway. This IP is consuming more internet BW for the past 2 weeks. How do i trace the source (client machine) which is trying to communicate with the destination? FYI, i am using McAfee agteway 7 version.



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Re: McAfee webgateway logs

Hi -

You'll want to add the property destination.ip to your access logs. This will allow you to correlate the destination ip to the client ip. See these articles below as they will help you achieve this:

Guide to add destination IP to access log for reporting purposes in Web Reporter:

General guide about how logging works in MWG:

**Be sure that after you add the property to your access log, you also update your header line for your access.log. This is included in the guides above, but is important so I wanted to stress again.**

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