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McAfee Web Gateway sizing question

We are currently look at replacing our current Web Proxy as it has come end of life and would like to know what model I should be looking at.

Users: max 10,000

Req/sec: approx 400

What model would be recommended for this implementation?

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Re: McAfee Web Gateway sizing question

Which model do you have now?

What features do you have turned on?


Gateway Antimalware?

SSL Scanning? (What % of SSL?)

As a first guess, with everything turned on and 15% SSL, i'd estimate 2 WG5000's or 1 WG5500.

MWG 7 Sizing Calculator 2.0, 16. September 2013, 05:26

  System: MWG WBG-5000-B  Traffic: 400 requests per second with with 15% HTTPS.
  Options: BASELINE,C,FC


  Minimum Configuration:
    1 system(s) (91% utilization)
  Recommended Configuration:
    2 system(s) (46% utilization)

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Level 7

Re: McAfee Web Gateway sizing question

We current have an an IronPort WSA s370.

We are currentlu using McAfee VSE 8.8 managed by McAfee epo 4.6

We do not current have any AntiVirus on the Proxy/Gateway as it is managed by the upstream proxy

We do not do any scanning on SSL traffic only HTTP traffic.

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