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McAfee Web Gateway is blocking our client website

Dear McAfee Support Team,

One of our client websites,, is being blocked by Colorado Probation's McAfee Web gateway. This will make our website inacceible from the organization network. We were informed from the IT department that we have to contact McAfee to solve the issue. Please advise and tell us what's wrong with the website and how do we fix it? We need this issue fixed as soon as possible so the clients from this agency can access the client's website.


Junya Michanan

Prolifit Software & Technology

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Re: McAfee Web Gateway is blocking our client website

The site is not being blocked by SiteAdvisor (I went straight to it without any problem) so this is a product issue related to Web Gateway.

Accordingly I've moved the post to Web Gateway from SiteAdvisor for attention.

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Level 15

Re: McAfee Web Gateway is blocking our client website

That site is un-categorized. Therefore any blocking that is done on it is due to the local administator's policy of blocking uncategorized sites.

you may submit the domain for a site review at:

Suggest the categories you think it best represents, and submit.

The web analysists will review the site and put it in the category list.

Presuming the Colorado Probation Dept's policy allows that category, it should be accessible.

Of course, you could always contact them and request their administrators add your site to a white list to allow it, regardless of the category.

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Level 17

Re: McAfee Web Gateway is blocking our client website


the website is not categorized, but the IP address hosting the server is categorized as "Malicious". Because the URL is not categorized MWG will look up the IP address and decides the URL is malicious.

For the moment you could add a whitelist entry for the URL until the website is categorized as expected. From that moment on access will work.



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McAfee Employee

Re: McAfee Web Gateway is blocking our client website

In talking to out web analysts, the site is (now) categorized as:

Web Category:                                            Business

with an unverified reputation as we don't have any indication of neither a bad or good reputation, so we don't make a comment.

The IP (www.UABACO.COM has address is categorised as:

Web Category: Internet Services

with an minimal risk assesment reputation wise.

Please ask your business partner if the site is now accessible or if they can provide more information on the specific reason for the block.



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