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McAfee Web Gateway - custom TCP setting


We are encountering trouble by connecting two McAfee Web Gateway together (MWG1 and MWG2) , with MWG2 as Next Hop Proxy for MWG1. We currenlty experience low performances with Conenct to Server time which can be more than 10 secondes, when a ping request between is less than 20 ms.

I opened a ticket to support, that did not identifed any trouble on both proxy server.

My telecom team who's managing the network between both proxies ask me if it would be possible to enhance on MWG1 the TCP reception buffer size.

Does someone know how it would be possible? My guess is that this kind of customization would not be support, but I need it to be done to move on the investigation

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Re: McAfee Web Gateway - custom TCP setting


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