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McAfee Web Gateway_Backup & Restore

Hi Friends,

Currently we are running with McAfee Web Gateway and now we wan to install McAfee Web Gateway of latest version on VM

And we want to take the backup from running Appliance and restore the same on new VM.

But while we are taking backup through restore/ backup from current Appliance (McAfee Web Gateway, getting error message something like unable to take the backup,

Please help me out to take the backup and have some quarries as well

1. how to take the backup?, if from GUI is not possible, can i take the backup either console or CLI

2. Hardware Appliance config (McAfee Web Gateway, which is old version can be resorted on latest VM or else shall I download and     Install the same old version. (Note. Hard ware appliance is not support to upgrade, because of device is old one (1100E)).

If you help me out as step by step, It would be great full.

Thanks a lot


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Reliable Contributor Peacekeeper
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Re: McAfee Web Gateway_Backup & Restore

Moved to Web gateway area for a better chance of an answer

McAfee Employee tpollok
McAfee Employee
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Re: McAfee Web Gateway_Backup & Restore

Hi ​,

so what is the exact error message you are getting? Which options have you selected to create the backup. Maybe if you can provide some more details we are able to help you out.



McAfee Employee moekhass
McAfee Employee
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Re: McAfee Web Gateway_Backup & Restore

1. Please see this KB and this document. (scheduling automatic backup). MWG itself is based on RedHat linux. You can use: /opt/mwg/bin/mwg-coordinator -B "file:in=ACTIVE" to backup using CLI.

2. You should be able to restore the configuration to a newer MWG version. However if you have support from McAfee, you can make a quick call or open a ticket for confirmation. If you have the same version as a virtual appliance, you can restore the configuration, then upgrade the MWG to newer version.

hope this helps

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